Call Israel Productions has specialized for years in Event Planning in Israel.

It is a full service event production company, dedicated in creating and orchestrating events with high-style design, refined decor and catering, and outstanding entertainment.

Our dynamic team focuses in the creation of a unique event exclusively designed to fit each client's individual personality and expectations as well as its budget.

Every client deserves the utmost attention for detail and the highest level of professionalism.

Service Details:    

  • Wedding,
  • Bar-Mitzvah
  • Chabat Hatan
  • Birthday
  • Private Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Meeting, Congress
  • Conference, Convention
  • Seminar
  • Group Trip, Corporate Travel
  • Concerts

Why an Event Planner?

Create and organize an event is often very difficult and stressful.

It takes a lot of time and energy.

From long before your first guest arrives to the second the last one leaves, we will help you

Find the best location for your party; our team will take in charge the negotiations with all the companies (catering, decoration, orchestra...), will coordinate your event and will take care of each detail while you will enjoy every minute of it.

Our goal is to create for you a once in a lifetime occasion that will be unforgettable.

Planning events is our passion.

Our eye for detail, commitment to our clients and their events, along with our dedication to our company, contribute to our success.

Hotels and Reservations:

For Travel or Trips in Israel, private or corporate, CALL ISRAEL, can take in charge all your reservations, from ticket flights to hotel rooms or rental cars, for your family and all your guests. We help you find the most competitive prices.

We take complete care of your guests to let you more available with the organization of your event.

Scheduling your event:

Before the Date

  •  Get to know our client and clearly define the project
  •  Design the event
  •  Look for the best place to do the event according to your desire, your geographic choice, and your personal suggestions
  •  Meetings with the different corporations: decorators, florists, musicians, caterers, attractions...
  •  Taking care of the invitation cards
  •  Line-up
  •  Guests Transportation Organization
  •  Hotels Reservations


  •  Reception of each company
  •  Follow up of the settings
  •  Complete verification of all details
  •  Quality control for all
  •  Transportation Logistics
  •  Control of the timing and the line up of the reception

Following the event

  •  Debriefing
  •  Conclusion Meeting
  •  Evaluation
  •  Eventually, Suggestions for the future
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